Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yen Varied On Tuesday Against Counterparts, Tuesday, April 24, 2007 3:17:51 PM

The yen was varied against its counterparts in action on Tuesday. The currency moved as Japan announced corporate service price index for March.

Against the sterling, the Japanese currency saw little movement on Tuesday afternoon. The yen bounced betwen a low of 237.90 and a high of 236.42. In general, the yen is near a week and a half high against the cable.

The yen saw weakness against the euro on Tuesday during trading. The Japanese currency declined to a mark of 161.60 in the afternoon. In general, the yen is week and a half low against the currency.

The yen was choppy against the dollar in trading on Tuesday. The currency moved between a low of 118.90 and a high of 118.37. In general, the Japanese currency is within the range of the past week.

Japanese Corporate Service Price Index gained 0.6% on year in March in a preliminary report from the Bank of Japan. The index rose at a slower pace of 0.4% in February. On a monthly basis, corporate service prices increased 0.7%, larger than 0.2% last month.
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