Monday, April 23, 2007

Eastern European Currencies Varied On Monday, Monday, April 23, 2007 10:26:00 AM

The Eastern European currencies were varied in action on Monday morning. The currencies moved as the Hungarian Central Bank announced it would keep its rate at 8.00%.

The rouble was choppy against the euro on Monday, bouncing between a high of 34.9063 and a low of 34.9598. Overall, the Russian currency is at a weekly high versus the euro. In trading against the dollar, the currency moved between a high of 25.7638 and a low of 25.7924. Generally, the rouble is at a weekly low.

The zloty slipped to a mark of 2.7883 against the American dollar on Monday. On the whole, the Polish currency is still near its multi-year high. In action against the euro, the currency bounced between a high of 3.7728 and a low of 3.7847. Overally, the zloty remains near its four month high.

The Hungarian forint ranged between a high of 180.3276 and a low of 181.1000 in mid morning action against the dollar on Monday. In general, the currency is near a weekly high against the dollar. Against the euro, the forint moved between a high of 244.8435 and a low of 245.5444. Overall, the Hungarian currency is near a weekly high.
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