Friday, May 25, 2007

Yen Weak On Friday Afternoon Against Counterparts, Friday, May 25, 2007 2:22:58 PM

The yen was weak in trading against its major counterparts on Friday afternoon. The currency moved as Japan reported on its Core CPI data for April.

Against the sterling, the yen saw some weakness on Friday. The yen slipped to a mark of 241.53 by the mid-afternoon. On the whole, the Japanese currency is at a multi-year low against its British currency.

The yen fell steadily versus the euro in trading on Friday. By the afternoon, the currency had dropped to a mark of 163.71. Overall, the yen is at a multi-year low.

Versus the dollar, the yen faltered in action on Friday. The decline took the Japanese currency to a mark of 121.68 by the mid afternoon. In general, the Japanese yen is at a three and a half month low.

Japan`s core consumer price index-CPI fell 0.1% on year in April following a 0.3% dip in the prior month. This marked the third consecutive monthly fall. The analysts were looking for a 0.2% slip in March.
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