Tuesday, May 29, 2007

French Unemployment Report Highlights Wednesday`s Economic Releases From Europe, Tuesday, May 29, 2007 3:49:29 PM

France and Great Britain will dominate news from Europe on Wednesday. France will report on unemployment, while Britain is due to report on its GfK Consumer Confidence Survey results. Other news from Europe tomorrow will include Italian Producer Price Index numbers, as well as the Euro zone`s M3 money supply. Bloomberg Retail Purchasing Managers Index data for May is set to come out from France, Germany, Italy, and the Euro zone.

France is set to report on its Unemployment rate for April on Wednesday. The prior period saw a rate of 8.3%, and is expected to decline slightly in tomorrow`s data. Unemployment change numbers will also be released tomorrow for the same period. The prior results came in at -34,000, and are forecast to narrow. Other news from the area will include Housing Permits data for April.

Great Britain will report on its GfK Consumer Confidence Survey results for May on Wednesday. Previously, the survey came in at -6. The number is expected to widen in tomorrow`s data. Additionally, the Bank of England`s Blanchflower will speak in London.
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