Friday, April 27, 2007

Swiss Franc Uncertain To Dollar And Yen, Higher To Other Majors; Small Morning Friday, Friday, April 27, 2007 3:48:38 AM

The Swiss currency largely showed an uncertain trend versus the US dollar and the Japanese Yen during the small morning hours on Friday. The Bank of Japan`s unchanged rate decision which was released earlier today weakened the Franc against the Yen, but the pair bounced back completely and showed an uncertainty soon after.

Against the Euro and the Cable, the Swiss Franc drifted higher during the session. The Franc was higher to the Euro ahead and amid the releases of the French economic data.

The US dollar showed choppy trading versus the Swiss Franc in the late deals on Thursday, but by about 10:45 pm ET the pair lost ground. Off 1.2074 by about 12:10 am ET Friday, the dollar spiked higher to 1.2089 within about a couple of hours. The pair then slipped again and as of 3:47 am Eastern Time, a dollar fetched 1.2077 Francs.

During late Thursday in New York, the European currency trended higher against the Swiss Franc and collected as much as 1.6450 at about 10:00 pm ET. Soon after, the euro gave back some of its gains and edged further lower in the overnight deals on Friday. As of 3:47 am Eastern Time, a Euro traded at 1.6421 Francs.

At about 8:35 pm ET Thursday, the British currency traded slightly higher against the Swiss Franc. However, the pair showed choppy trading within a little longer than hour. In the small morning hours on Friday, the Cable made a steep fall and as of 3:47 am Eastern Time, it was quoted at 2.4022 Francs.

Against the Yen, the Swiss currency showed strength in the late evening hours on Thursday and hit as high as 99.03 by about 9:00 pm ET. The pair weakened slightly thereafter but it entered a range after about an hour. However, at about 12:35 am ET Friday, ahead of the release of the BoJ`s rate decision and the annualized housing starts data for March, the Franc lost ground and continued its downtrend following the releases. Off 98.78 by about 1:25 am ET, the pair rebounded most of its losses but it lost ground again at about 2:40 am ET. Largely the pair showed an uncertain trend during the session and as of 3:47 am Eastern Time, a Franc collected 98.79 Yen.
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