Monday, April 30, 2007

Southeast Asian Currencies Mixed, Monday, April 30, 2007 10:07:09 AM

The Southeast Asian currencies were mixed against their world counterpart in action on Monday. The currencies moved as Singapore reported on its jobless rates for the quarter.

The Thai baht rose against the dollar on Monday to a mark of 32.500. The currency remains within the range of the past two months. In trading against the euro, the baht moved between a high of 44.2062 and a low of 44.7600. On the whole, the currency is near a two month low.

The Indonesian rupiah was choppy against the dollar on Monday. The currency bounced between a high of 9060.00 and a low of 9084.2675. On the whole, the rupiah is near a two and a half month high.

The Singapore dollar was mixed against the euro on Monday as it moved between a high of 2.0655 and a low of 2.0741. On the whole, the Singapore dollar is at a multi-year low. In trading against the buck, the currency bounced betweeh a high of 1.5187 and a low of 1.5200. Overall, the Singapore currency is at a monthly low.

Singapore jobless rate came in at seasonally adjusted 2.9% in the March quarter. The jobless rate stood at 2.6% in the December quarter.
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