Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Forex News: Jobless claims in the USA are above expectations

The index of jobless claims in the USA rose in a week to November 18 to 321K, from 309K the week before (revised from 308K). The reading was above analysts’ expectations, who considered US jobless claims to rise by 310K.

The average number of jobless claims in four weeks to November 18 rose to 317K, from 314K in the preceding week. The total number of unemployed people in the USA rose by 2.454mln to November 11, from 2.440mln (revised from 2.443mln).

The increase of jobless claims is not a positive factor for dollar rate, but it is usually observed in connection with other macroeconomic indicators. In addition, American economists note that the labor market keeps its stability. At the average annual rate, jobless claims in the USA were 311K, compared with 332K in 2005.


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